Jazz after Lockdown!

Jazz at   tHe CaNNon

is back on Sunday 23rd May from 2pm to 4pm, or so.
We can assume that the restrictions that applied last year will be in force for this year.
Entry was by the front door and exit by the side door, always following the footprints on the floor.
Otherwise entry via the rear carpark, where the marquee is – the venue.
Masks must be worn. I think it’s six to a table.
If I hear anything new/different; I will let you know.
Resident band: JP Jazz. (As a matter of interest, this name was imposed on the band by Dennis Vick, leader of the Fenny Stompers, for some local jazz gigs he organised, donkey’s years ago).
Sitters in:- As we’ve all been ‘out of musical circulation’ for a long time, we’ll try and fit everybody in equally and fairly.
Singers please bring your own microphones.
Do come along and enjoy yourselves.
The best real ale in Milton Keynes.
All the best

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